Coral Anchor Apparel

Welcome to Coral Anchor Apparel, a coastal-inspired clothing brand proudly based in beautiful Rhode Island (where we hand print all our apparel). Infused with the maritime vibes of our hometown, we bring you top-notch apparel that captures the essence of the sea. Dive into our collection, where you'll find witty tees and cozy hoodies, ensuring you're stylishly wrapped in the laid-back charm of coastal living.

Red Shuck Yeah Unisex Tee

Shuck Yeah

Our Best Sellers

From hats to funnel neck hoodies all we can say is holy ship... get your wallets ready because you might just fall in love with all of our best sellers.

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Pink Anchor & Waves Unisex Hoodie

Men Can Wear Pink Too You Know...

Men's Collection

Haven't you heard? Even the boys are wearing pink on Wednesdays now. Don't worry, there's plenty of non-pink pieces in our men's collection too for those that don't agree. Take a look and sea for yourself.

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Blue Tie Dye Anchor Unisex Crewneck

Ok cutie

Women's Collection

Girls, girls, girls, we've got it all here for you! Our women's collection boasts what we like to consider some of the world's comfiest summer sweatshirts, amongst other things of course. Find your newest summer wardrobe staple(s)!

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