Hey There!

Welcome to our sandy little corner of the world, where a husband and wife duo (us-obviously) found our love for the sea. 

In our cozy coastal town in Rhode Island, we fell for the sun, the waves, and endless beach days. Our Coral Anchor Apparel journey began with a thought - to infuse this laid-back beach lifestyle into a clothing brand.

We chose the finest quality tees and hoodies and designed and hand-printed all our personally-designed graphics from our home studio. Our brand is a reflection of the salty air that makes us happy and a celebration of all the good times we've had by the shore (both on and off the water)

We're not just about the beach, we're doing our best to give back too. We have three awesome kids that live their lives outside with us- be that rolling in the grass, jumping in the waves or climbing a tree! We donate a splash of our sales to Thrive Outside, a non-profit that helps kids ditch screens for seashores and dirty hands.

We welcome you to join us in chasing sunsets, embracing our occasionally tide-water smelling beautiful home of Rhode Island, and living our days to the fullest. Especially those summer ones. 

With love, 

Amy & Ryan